Johnathan BowersVice President

    I am a native of Compton and South Central area of Los Angeles. I began my career in public service in 1979 as an Emergency Medical Technician for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services at Martin Luther King Hospital. For 11 years, I proudly served the citizens of Compton as a firefighter with Compton Fire Department. I became a Los Angeles County Firefighter and a Stentorian in 1995 . I have been a Stentorian for 16-years; eight of which I have served on the Executive Board.
    As your Executive Vice President, I will be working closely with our President, Robert Harris to take us into the next chapter of our organization’s and our department’s history. As many of you now know, this history includes the appointment of Chief Daryl Osby as our Fire Chief. I also look forward to forging ahead with our agenda of increasing our political capital through establishing meaningful and long lasting relationships with those stakeholders that share our vision and goals.
    We have a young and new Executive Board that I will be working with to refine and re-define our mission, seek out best practices of those who’ve served before us, and continue the good work our organization has done for the community for many years.
    Finally, you will see me at many of the regional and international events, representing our organization, re-enforcing our relationships with other chapters and helping President Harris take us further into the new millennium; the 21st Century.
    To this day , I remain involved in many areas of the department as well as continued involvement in the community. I am strongly committed to public service and I look forward to serving our members . I am very proud to be a Stentorian.

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