Robert HarrisPresident

I have been an active member of the Stentorians since becoming a member of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, in 1992. For the past twelve years, I have served on the Executive Board, with the most recent four years serving as the executive vice president and now I am president. Currently, I hold the rank of fire captain and my assignment is at Fire Station 95B. Being a firefighter is not just a job, becoming a firefighter was an answer to one of my prayers. With God in my heart and a loving family by my side, I bring to this profession a deep and passionate desire to assist those in need.

I am neither embarrassed nor ashamed to say, I love our profession and I am dedicated to both the mission of the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the mission of our organization. It is my belief that both organizations need individuals that are devoted and at times put in long hours for everyone’s good, and this is where I come in.

These are very challenging times for African Americans within the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The department’s record and rate in which African Americans are being hired, is deplorable and indefensible. The African American firefighter will be a thing of the past – will be extinct if we do not act now to change this trend. There has been a twenty-year lapse in time

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