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How To Cut Concrete Sleepers

Cut your sleepers with a circular saw or a chainsaw by slowly making clean, straight cuts. 7 comments 9 shares 2.6k views.

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Thank you for joining us and sharing your question about cutting concrete sleepers.

How to cut concrete sleepers. Alternatively you can ask for sleepers to be precut which the luxury wood company is happy to do. Positioned some reinforcement for added strength. So to make sure you fix your sleepers as tightly as possible, measure everything twice.

Questions, quotes, or would like to place an order. It's great that you've received excellent advice from @jde. Cut a ridgi concrete sleeper (please note that cutting your ridgi concrete sleeper will void your 15 year warranty) 1717.

This task is not difficult, it just requires complete commitment to safety first. Preparing the area clear and level your site where you plan to build the retaining wall. If you have an angle grinder or access to one, i suggest using a diamond edge blade rated for cutting masonry.

Engineering varies with different soil types; You can also rent a coates demolition saw if you are doing a lot of concrete sleepers. All concrete sleepers are manufactured with 40mpa concrete and tested every 25m3.

Mountain ash timbertex trojanstone sleepers shown. With the sleepers being coarsely grained the concrete took on. Check each upright with a spirit level as you go.

When dry i shifted the sleepers and began again. Be sure to seal up the exposed steel with a gal paint or tar paint, to prevent rusting. Retaining wall and concrete path gap.

Retaining wall and concrete path gap. If you are using 1530mm sleepers the hole centres. Sleepers can be cut to any length to complete your wall.

Please ensure you leave 200mm behind the retaining wall area for backfill. Ear plugs rating 5 or ear muffs. Use a square angle ruler to make sure your sleepers will fit perfectly.

We have a generic design available as a guideline only. Accelerated concrete sawing offers a concrete cutting and removal service for suspended slab penetrations, lift core extension, door openings in tilt panels and large commercial driveway removal. Also water can be flowed on the cut to keep down dust and cool the blade.

The easiest way to do this is to cut a piece of wood to the right length. Instead, the sleeper will need to be rotated and cut in sections. Just fill it with some form of stones or gravel.

Hand held grinders are not designed for wet cutting, but heavy duty worm saws are. Sometimes you need to cut your sleepers to suit your site, here is a diy step by step video to help!*please note: Engineering specifications are available from your supplier of trojanstone retaining wall systems.

Concrete sleepers can be cut using a diamond blade, under running water. Concrete sleepers can easily be cut using a nine inch grinder with a dimond blade or you can hire a demo saw if you require a lot of cutting. Reinforced concrete sleepers and galvanised steel posts step 1:

The most accurate method for cutting larger sleeper quantities, you will find in most instances that the blade is not deep enough to cut through the depth in one pass. If you are currently doing a retaining wall project we would love to see. Anyhow, i have been cutting my concrete sleepers with a 9 inch makita grinder and a diamond tip cutting disc for concrete.

We are able to provide excavators, skid steers, cranage, back propping, and concrete removal and disposal as required. The most common brand is milwaukee and can be rented at most tool rental stores. Starting from one end of the wall, mark a cross on the ground at intervals with their centre being approximately 15mm more than the length of the sleeper.

Cutting thick concrete may require taking several passes, cutting an inch of depth at a time. Alignment place a star piquet or peg at both ends of the proposed wall. Using a wet cutting method not only helps to cool and lubricate the blade as you cut through your concrete, but also helps to minimise the dust that’s produced.

When utilizing the fence bracket system allow an extra 15mm again to ensure the sleepers have clearance with the nuts and bolts. A circular saw is the most widely used method for cutting sleepers at home. I prefer plugs since the over head lawn mowing type muffs get in the way

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